csd-mfccmatchNative Csound concatenative resynthesis using MFCCs8 months
csd-unfixedbugs1Debugger - Unfixed Bugs Volume 14 months
csound-festivalSpeech synthesis for Csound using Festival9 months
csound-jstickFast(er) joystick opcodes for Csound9 months
csound-memreadOpcodes for process-based memory audification on Linux9 months
csound-nstrexistsCsound opcode to test for the existence of an orchestra instrument9 months
csound-oplOPL3 FM synthesis emulation for Csound using libADLMIDI9 months
csound-sdlExperimental SDL2 plugin opcodes for Csound9 months
csound-sqldbSQL database plugin opcodes for Csound7 weeks
csound-transformsExperimental Haar, Walsh/Hadamard and Cosine transform plugin opcodes for Csound14 months
csound-xtractFeature extraction opcodes for Csound using libXtract9 months
peep.1bpm.netSource of, an insecure webcam compositor
qotdserverRFC865 Quote of the day server using a PostgreSQL database for quote retrieval21 months
synonymiserPhrase synonymiser for Postgres, Python and art14 months