csd-mfccmatchNative Csound concatenative resynthesis using MFCCs18 months
csd-partialemergenceRichard Knight - Partial Emergence5 months
csd-unfixedbugs1Debugger - Unfixed Bugs Volume 12 months
csound-festivalSpeech synthesis for Csound using Festival19 months
csound-jsonJSON parsing and manipulation for Csound6 months
csound-jstickFast(er) joystick opcodes for Csound19 months
csound-memreadOpcodes for process-based memory audification on Linux3 months
csound-nstrexistsCsound opcode to test for the existence of an orchestra instrument19 months
csound-oplOPL3 FM synthesis emulation for Csound using libADLMIDI19 months
csound-sdlExperimental SDL2 plugin opcodes for Csound19 months
csound-sqldbSQL database plugin opcodes for Csound7 months
csound-transformsExperimental Haar, Walsh/Hadamard and Cosine transform plugin opcodes for Csound24 months
csound-xtractFeature extraction opcodes for Csound using libXtract19 months
ml.csound.1bpm.netSource of the Csound mailing lists archive website6 months
peep.1bpm.netSource of, an insecure webcam compositor3 years
qotdserverRFC865 Quote of the day server using a PostgreSQL database for quote retrieval3 years
synonymiserPhrase synonymiser for Postgres, Python and art2 years