csound-festival provides a simple way of generating speech using the TTS engine Festival. It runs an init time and generates a ftable containing the synthesised speech which can then be used elsewhere. Currently only pitch is a supported parameter but there is certainly scope for adding further parameters. The opcode has only been tested on Linux as of writing.



Create a build directory at the top of the source tree, execute cmake .., make and optionally make install as root. If the latter is not used/possible then the resulting module can be used with the --opcode-lib flag in Csound. eg:

cd csound-festival
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make && sudo make install

Opcode overview


ifn ftts Stext, ipitch

Generate speech

  • ifn : the function table number as created containing the generated speech
  • Stext : the text string to synthesise
  • ipitch : the fundamental frequency for synthesis in CPS.